Episode I: The Mysterious Case of Split Valley Episode 1 Presented by Columbia Public Radio

Split Valley

Jun 29 2021 • 13 mins

“What do you think it is? Some kind of symbol?” Adam Kleinhoffer, journalist and podcaster for Columbia Public Radio, receives a mysterious postcard beckoning him to Split Valley, the second-smallest town in New York State. ·     Paul Guyet as Soothing Male Voice ·     Amir Darvish as Gus Finch ·     Matthew Cohn as Adam Kleinhoffer ·     Keilly McQuail as Melanie Lavin ·     Inés del Castillo as News Anchor ·     James Weber as Red ·     Written by Caroline V. McGraw ·     Directed by Eddie Prunoske ·     Sound designed and engineered by James Hansen ·     Original music by Luke Santy ·     Cover art by Matthew Cohn ·     Produced by Five on a Match: Matthew Cohn, Amir Darvish, and Meg MacCary Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices