Tapping Into the Mindset of a Stand-Up Comedian w/ Steve Trevino

The Business Equation Podcast

Sep 23 2021 • 39 mins

EPISODE SUMMARY: Here we are...100 episodes deep! Through all the interviews, through all the solo recordings, through everything...THANK YOU for being a loyal listener of The Business Equation Podcast. My goal is to bring you real conversations with real entrepreneurs and professionals that helps you get an understanding of the mindset necessary to find success in your world. It's obvious we are on a good path together and I can't wait to bring you more quality content as The Business Equation continues to move down the tracks!

As we hit the century mark, we are taking a dive deep into the mindset of a stand-up comedian. Without question, speaking in front of an audience is not easy. Add to it the pressure of having to be funny?! The mindset you need to make this all come together is truly special...and today, we are going to hear the story of how one comedian refused to give up until he became successful at his craft.

On Episode 100 of The Business Equation Podcast, I am pleased to welcome none other than stand-up comedian Steve Trevino. Steve is a successful comedian across the country and went from working the door at comedy clubs to specials airing on Showtime, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. As you'll learn, it was his never-say-quit attitude and consistent work ethic that led to the break that put him on the map...over 10 years after first breaking into the business.

If you like what you hear today, you can check out Steve's comedy specials, discover where he'll be appearing next, listen to his podcast, and connect with him on social media at stevetrevino.com.

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