#8 Taking the Vehicle①

How Can I Say It in Japanese?

Feb 21 2022 • 14 mins

The topic in this week is "Taking the Vehicle".

●もんだい ステップ1 True or False

It takes 50 minutes on foot to go to Naha from Charles san’s house.

True / False

*New Words*

週末(しゅうまつ) weekend

たいてい usually

海(うみ) sea, ocean

でも but

ときどき sometimes

買い物します(かいものします) to do shopping

日曜日(にちようび) Sunday

土曜日(どようび) Saturday

行きます(いきます) to go

車(くるま) car

歩いて(あるいて) by foot

うち house

〜から from

分(ふん/ぷん) minute

ぐらい about

時(じ) o’clock

映画館(えいがかん) movie theater

図書館(としょかん) library

●もんだい ステップ2 Three-choice-quiz

How does Erina san get to Naha?

A. by bus

B. by foot

C. by car



(にちようび、かいものに いきませんか?)

Why don’t we go shopping on Sunday?

●もんだい ステップ3

Max san is going to invite you to go to the movie theater on Saturday.

But you want to go shopping.

Then please answer to Max san’s invitation and invite him to go shopping.



きいてくれてありがとうございました!Thank you for listening!