Ask The Tax Attorney

Claudia Moncarz

The Ask the Tax Attorney podcast is a show dedicated to helping business owners and individuals navigate the complex world of business and taxes.

Hosted by Claudia Moncarz, a tax attorney with over 20 years of experience, the podcast covers a wide range of business and tax-related topics. With a focus on providing expert advice and answering listener questions, Claudia and her guests offer practical solutions to even the most daunting problems.

The podcast is an essential resource for anyone looking to better understand their taxes and find a way forward when facing issues with the IRS. Whether you're a small business owner struggling to pay your taxes or a large corporation facing an audit, Ask the Tax Attorney has the information and expertise you need to succeed.

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The Immigration and Business Journey: Lessons Learned from a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur
Apr 25 2023
The Immigration and Business Journey: Lessons Learned from a Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur
On this episode of Ask The Tax Attorney, our guest, Marlene Markowitz, shares her experience as a business owner, specifically as an immigration and trademark lawyer. The conversation covers various topics, including the need for immigration attorneys, the benefits of social media for businesses, and the importance of double-checking important documents. Listeners will also hear about the host's journey as a business owner, the challenges she faced, and how she overcame them. Tune in to learn from a successful business owner with years of experience to share. [00:01:13] Started law firms, gained flexibility, fulfilled business journey. [00:02:21] Giving birth to multiples (babies and businesses). [00:03:13] Learning business through trial and error while being authentic on social media and connecting with necessary professionals. [00:07:05] Have an immigration attorney on hand to ensure compliance with hiring immigrants. [00:08:47] Assist with immigration audits and petitions. Marlene Moskowitz Bio: Marlene is a highly experienced immigration attorney who specializes in helping individuals and employers navigate the complex process of immigration law. With over a decade of experience, she has become a trusted advisor to her clients, helping them to understand their options and achieve their goals. Marlene is also the author of "Ten Tips for Applying for US Citizenship," which provides valuable insights and guidance for those seeking to become US citizens. And if you need help with your tax debt, go to today to learn how we can resolve it.