#FLY with Natasha Hinshaw (I am not my Wealth!)


Dec 1 2022 • 34 mins

Did you think that you will achieve all the happiness in the world once you have a certain level of wealth? Did you think that leading a privileged life is all you need to be happy?

Check out this brutally honest story of Natasha Hinshaw on how she found the hard truth that self-worth has nothing to do with one's bank balance!

About Natasha Hinshaw

Who is Natasha? Born in the early 80's to a Bengali Tigress and a half French half American Captain, Natasha has had an amazing international journey of finding herself and what it is to start loving herself.

Her early years were filled with education in the finer things in life, food, fashion, destinations and all over just living the high life.  Her parents taught her to appreciate the good life- but while as to most you would think she was very fortunate she lacked actually tapping in to her higher self and knowing what it was to actually "love herself".

After finding love in all the wrong places it wasn't until she woke up to the rude shock that her free ride in life would be over as her father decided to teach her -an IMPORTANT lesson, one that should have been taught way earlier -  and cut her off financially. This lead us to where she is today and the up and down journey she was put on to find what loving her self actually meant and the different stages and places and situations that make you realize that loving yourself is and will be an ongoing process and have different meanings and ways throughout this journey of life.