#FLY with Nataliya Becker (I Am A Mother!)


May 31 2022 • 44 mins

Motherhood is not a linear journey- it means different to different people. I had great fun talking to my ex-colleague Nataliya Becker as she gives us an intimate look into what motherhood means to her.

About Nataliya:

Nataliya is a certified executive coach for leaders and teams in tech who rely on collaboration and influence to achieve extraordinary results in times of constant change and want to have fun in the process. She is a master facilitator who designs & facilitates meetings, retreats and offsites that are not only effective in achieving outcomes, but also build connection and  group energy (even in the virtual world!)

Her background is mathematics, project management, product development and team leadership. And her unusual education journey spans across traditional leadership coaching, positive psychology, applied neuroscience and timeless practices of mindfulness & yoga, all of which are reflected in her proprietary programming for resilience and leadership.

Nataliya has a passion for seeing leaders in tech, in particular women, succeed on their own terms. In addition to 1-1 coaching & group programs, she runs one-of-a-kind Out Of Office coaching retreats where high achieving women can finally take a break they deserve and grow by reconnecting to themselves and others.

Nataliya lives in west Toronto, Canada where she is balancing the joys of her work, parenting her kids .She loves to dance, spend time outdoors, try healthy recipes and explore neighborhood coffee shops for fancy tea lattes and good vibes.