#FLY with Aparna Saxena (Trailer!)


Jun 16 2022 • 52 seconds

Loving yourself doesn't have to only happen to those who go through a profound life changing event- It doesn't even have to happen only at a certain point in life. Loving yourself can be very much the way you live your life throughout.

Coming soon, the invigorating  story of  my childhood friend, the firecracker Aparna Saxena. She is a legend.

About Aparna:

Aparna Bhatnagar Saxena is an unapologetic feminist, vegan, amateur environmentalist, and a student for life. She is the CEO of TORAJAMELO, a women-led and women-focussed impact business that is working towards cultural, social, and environmental sustainability of indigenous hand-woven textiles in Indonesia.

Aparna is also the co-founder of Vriksh Impact Partners, an early stage impact investment advisory for plant-based businesses in India and ASEAN lead for She Loves Data, a global not for profit, that works towards enabling more women into data workforce.

Her motto in life is being MAD aka Making a difference in whichever way she can.