Beyond the Judgment of Paris with Christian Spurrier (TCGP S3 E16)

The Cocktail Guru Podcast

Jun 13 2024 • 44 mins

The Cocktail Guru Podcast: A Tribute to Steven Spurrier

Join Jonathan Pogash, the Cocktail Guru, and his father, Jeffrey Pogash, as they dive into the fascinating world of wine and spirits. In this special episode, they pay tribute to the legendary Steven Spurrier, the man who revolutionized the wine industry.

Jeffrey shares personal anecdotes about his mentor, Steven Spurrier, and how a simple wine class in Paris changed the course of his life. They are joined by Steven's son, Christian Spurrier, who provides intimate insights into his father's life and legacy.

  • Jonathan's recent trip to Paris and the memories it brought back.

  • Jeffrey's early days in Paris and his introduction to the world of wine.

  • The story of Steven Spurrier and his impact on the wine industry.

  • The historic 1976 Judgment of Paris and its lasting effects.

  • Christian Spurrier's current projects and his father's final experiment with English wine.

  • Christian Spurrier: Screenwriter and son of Steven Spurrier, sharing personal stories and professional insights.

  • The exciting news about the Cocktail Guru's new shop featuring cocktail kits, bar tools, and more!

  • A sneak peek into upcoming events and limited edition memorial magnums commemorating Steven Spurrier.

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