Mercury Transits Through the Signs

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Jun 24 2022 • 8 mins

Episode 161. Mercury spends about three weeks in a sign. Mercury can indicate changes in communication, ideas, thinking, skills, mental stimulation, conversations, and where you’re curious.

Aries - When Mercury is in Aries, thinking becomes fast - and so does decision-making. On the high side, this means you’re not sitting around waiting for permission to do anything. On the low side, you could be impulsive, which could lead to regrets later on. This transit also brings out blunt but honest communication. You’re not afraid to say it like it is - but you could be more argumentative than usual.

Taurus - When Mercury is in Taurus, you can slow your thinking down. Instead of rushing to make decisions, you’ll prefer to take your time. Your thinking becomes more grounded, patient, and practical. This is an excellent time for discussions around money because security may be on your mind. Watch out for a tendency to be obstinate.

Gemini - When Mercury is in Gemini, life seems to hurry by. You’re busy, flitting from one situation to the next. Communication is snappy and witty. This is the perfect transit to indulge your intellectual curiosity: take classes or read great books. It’s a fabulous time for generating new ideas but you can also be easily distracted with shiny object syndrome. Gossip is exciting now - but you’ll want to take some of it with a grain of salt.

Cancer - When Mercury is in Cancer, emotions can influence your thinking. You may be more sensitive and intuitive too. However, it’s easy to slip into pining away for the past, something you’ll want to guard against. If you want to investigate old issues, that’s one thing. But clinging to the “good old days” isn’t productive. You’ll also need to be careful you don’t take everything personally at this time. Mercury in Cancer is excellent for strengthening memory and expressing your feelings.

Leo - When Mercury is in Leo, your thinking is BIG and bold. This is your best time for grand gestures and theatrical declarations! Take the main stage, grab the mic, and have your say! Heart-to-heart conversations could heal situations or inspire others too (this is a persuasive transit). It’s also an excellent few weeks to talk about yourself - provided you don’t hog the spotlight.

Virgo - When Mercury is in Virgo, thinking sharpens and becomes analytical. Now you can sort out all the teeny details. Decision-making can happen once you’ve compared every option - provided you don’t get hung up on the fine print.

Libra - When Mercury is in Libra, we feel pleasant, tactful, and friendly. Balance is important, which means we want to weigh all sides with care before reaching a judgment. This is also a persuasive transit, so it’s favorable for negotiations. However, there can be a tendency to people-please, which may make you feel like going along with things just to avoid conflict.

Scorpio - When Mercury is in Scorpio, you can get to the bottom of things. Thinking is sharp, analytical, and probing. You’re not content with surface conversations either - you want depth. Intuition is amplified, leading to psychic experiences and lucid dreams. This transit is also ideal for secrets or exploring controversial topics. Watch out for obsessing and brooding as well as a tendency to be sarcastic.

Sagittarius - When Mercury is in Sagittarius, thinking becomes optimistic. Suddenly, you feel carefree and ready for fun. Your mind is open and interested in the world at large. Also: your faith increases. Life feels good! This is tolerant transit overall, but sometimes it can bring about hypocrisy. Make sure you question your own beliefs as thoroughly as you question other people’s.

Capricorn - When Mercury is in Capricorn, the mind is pragmatic, stoic, and orderly. This means you can see the best way to the top of any situation. This is your time to be unapologetically ambitious, to go for the gold and study anything that will further your goals. Mercury in Capricorn also allows the head to lead, which means it’s unlikely your emotions will get in the way. Watch out for being rigid and too serious. Remember to keep your humor,

Aquarius - When Mercury is in Aquarius, your thinking is inventive, original, and maybe a bit eccentric. You can think outside the box and find new ways to solve problems. During this transit, you can learn new things - and envision the future you want. Conversations are friendly, objective, and intelligent. However, this is another stubborn transit - it’s too easy to close people off if you don’t like their point of view.

Pisces - When Mercury is in Pisces, you can tap into your sensitive side. Compassion rules, and you’ll feel like giving the shirt off your back to anyone who appears needy. This is also an imaginative few weeks, ideal for artists, musicians, and writers. Dreams are vivid - and it’s easy to get lost in woolgathering. Keep your feet on the ground if you want to avoid getting swept away by your feelings or daydreams!