Neptune Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Nov 5 2021 • 8 mins

Episode 146. Neptune is the eighth planet and furthest away from the Sun. As you can imagine, that means it’s cold and dark. Like Uranus, it’s known as an “ice giant.” It has rings around it like Saturn and 14 moons. It cannot be seen with the naked eye.

In astrology, Neptune is associated with illusion, fantasies, inspiration, faith, psychic receptivity, creativity, spirituality, and imagination. Where it lands in your chart can show where you’re expressing your creative, spiritual, and mystical potential. If afflicted, it can indicate where you’re fooling yourself or deceiving others.

1st: Neptune in the first house indicates you are empathic and possibly clairvoyant. You are keenly aware of how others perceive you - and you pick up on vibes in your surroundings. Your intuition can serve for creative or musical inspiration. Others find you mysterious and alluring. If afflicted, you may be flaky, unreliable, and drift through life. You should probably stay clear of drugs or alcohol.

2nd: Neptune in the second house means you’re idealistic about money. You might think “money is the root of all evil” or make your living through creative or spiritual work. If well aspected, you are generous with your revenue and may contribute much of it to good causes. If afflicted, you could be careless or impractical with your resources. It’s also possible you may be a freeloader.

3rd: Neptune in the third house blesses you with an intuitive, creative mind. You may be a poet, musician, or psychic. Mystical subjects interest you and you might write about them. This is an excellent position for anyone who works with mass media. If poorly aspected, there may be learning difficulties or much daydreaming. The absent-minded professor is a perfect example of Neptune here.

4th: Neptune in the fourth indicates a strong unconscious tie with the home and mother. Your family may be creative - or psychic. Your home may be decorated in an imaginative way - or you may live near a body of water. If afflicted, your household could be chaotic or there may be many skeletons in the family closet.

5th: Neptune in the fifth house indicates musical or creative talent. You may have a “gift” in the performing arts or a great love of theater. Romance may be unusual in some way and your children could be intuitive. If poorly aspected, there may be secret affairs or unplanned pregnancies. Sometimes an afflicted Neptune in the 5th could produce an absent parent or neglectful one.

6th: Neptune in the sixth house could mean a career in healing, art, or mystical work. Service is important to you - and your work must satisfy you on a deep, spiritual level. You may be interested in taking care of others - or pets. Some people with this placement are able to communicate with animals. If poorly aspected, you may be an unreliable employee, which could lead to problems finding a stable job. It’s also possible you may have illnesses that are psychosomatic. Drugs and alcohol should be avoided.

7th: Neptune in the seventh house could mean a strong psychic link to partners. “Love at first sight” or that feeling of “deja vu” with certain romantic relationships is possible. However, if Neptune is afflicted in the 7th house, there may be confusion or deception in relationships. This could also bring public scandals.

8th: Neptune in the eighth house elevates intuition. You may have uncanny insights into other people - and the ability to communicate with the dead. Sex magic and other occult practices may be of interest. If afflicted, this placement could bring loss through joint finances, taxes, embezzlement, or some other deceptive means.

9th: Neptune in the ninth house gives an interest in spirituality and the mystical side of life. You’re a seeker. Ashrams, religious pilgrimages, or time spent with gurus may be of interest. You may travel to distant lands to broaden your horizons. If negatively aspected, you may be drawn to cults. You may also have impractical ideas about higher education. For example, you may receive a degree in a topic that proves to be useless.

10th: Neptune in the 10th house casts a glamorous glow over your public life. For example, you may be an actor, musician, or artist. This is also a great position for anyone who works in a spiritual, mystical, or healing industry. You could be a spiritual leader. Your career may require sacrifices as well. If afflicted, Neptune in the 10th house could indicate a scandal due to deception.

11th: Neptune in the 11th may create an unusual social circle with mystics, musicians, artists, and humanitarians. You may be involved in spiritual or charitable groups. However, you must be careful. Even if your Neptune isn’t poorly aspected, friends could be a source of deception or a bad influence. If your Neptune is afflicted, friends could become enemies or could take you down a destructive path.

12th: Neptune in the 12th house often means a strong sixth sense. Your empathy is well-developed, which could lead to working in hospitals, institutions, or spiritual places. If your Neptune is afflicted, you could become your own worst enemy, trapped in memories of the past and unwilling to deal with the practical things.