Venus Transits Through the Signs

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Jul 8 2022 • 9 mins

Episode 163. Venus spends about a month in a sign. Venus transits indicate how we’re loving, creating, or spending.

Let’s go through each sign:

Aries - When Venus is in Aries, romance gets red-hot. This is a bold, fast-paced transit, which loves the chase more than the commitment. If you’re single, it’s a great time to be on the prowl! Venus in Aries isn’t shy - you can find your swagger now. Original artistic ideas are easier to come by and you might spend your dough faster than it comes in. Watch out for impulse spending under this transit.

Taurus - When Venus is in Taurus, romance gets sensuous, affectionate, and tactile. Quality time and plenty of physical touch are IN. However, you can be overindulgent or possessive too. You’ll want to keep those tendencies in check. This is an intensely creative period, and artists will find inspiration everywhere. Under this transit, you’ll want to invest in quality pieces and plenty of pampering.

Gemini - When Venus is in Gemini, you can get your flirt on! Words enchant, and it’s best to approach romance through the mind. Your social life could be more active at this time - or you could be dating numerous people. However, this is restless transit so you might find someone fascinating one day, only to get bored with them the next. This transit is excellent for writers. It’s also your time to spend money on books, stationery, classes, and anything that feeds your curiosity.

Cancer - When Venus is in Cancer, romance becomes old-fashioned. Flowers, home-cooked meals by candlelight, and long walks under the moon keep it burning bright. Emotions tend to be tender, so you’ll want to be extra sensitive with your loved ones. During this transit, you’ll want to invest in property or things for the home.

Leo - When Venus is in Leo, expect plenty of romantic fireworks! Grand gestures, extravagant gifts, and bold declarations of love (preferably in front of an audience) are the way to go. Give your partner plenty of attention and you’ll get it returned ten-fold. Also: flattery will get you far! This is an affectionate transit, so the bedroom will be super-hot. Venus in Leo is your best time for splurging on all the self-indulgent things. Elegant dinners, new threads, skimpy lingerie, and all the entertainment - yes, please!

Virgo - When Venus is in Virgo, acts of service is the love language. The little things matter now - taking care of details, catering to your partner’s needs, or being practical will keep love humming along. This isn’t considered the most romantic transit, but I have found it can be an opportunity to be thoughtful. What’s more loving than paying attention to what your partner needs? This transit is best for spending on pragmatic things such as organizational products, tools, and cleaning supplies. It's also a fantastic time to edit your creative work.

Libra - When Venus is in Libra, you can expect romance to rise a few octaves. Venus is happy here and lends an elegant, refined air to matters of the heart. This is an excellent transit to wine and dine. It’s also sublime for artists - the muses are singing! Indulge in fine artwork, beautiful clothes, cosmetics, and jewelry.

Scorpio - When Venus is in Scorpio, love gets passionate, sexy, and all-consuming. The urge to merge is at an all-time high - a surface relationship won’t do. You want to go deep! The shadow side is obsession and possessiveness, two vibes you’ll want to guard against if you want to avoid drama. Money attraction seems easier at this time and it’s an ideal period for investing in the future - although some folks think it’s best for spending on occult supplies and edgy, adult-oriented entertainment.

Sagittarius - When Venus is in Sagittarius, fun, and freedom are the name of the game. This is an easy-breezy vibe, which makes it a bit restless. You might feel like you want to roam - and the grass may seem much greener on the other side. A few romantic adventures (more like rom-com capers) are possible under this transit. This is an excellent time to spend your moolah on travel, education, and spiritual growth.

Capricorn - When Venus is in Capricorn, quality is important. Not just in love, but also in expenditures. This transit values commitment - so you may be interested in a serious relationship or purchasing things that are built to last. It’s also a reserved transit, which means you’re less likely to take an impulsive approach to relationships or your finances.

Aquarius - When Venus is in Aquarius, you’re more likely to want breathing room in your relationships. Instead of closeness, your mantra might be “why can’t we be friends?” Friends can become lovers and lovers can become friends. The unconventional is intriguing while conformity is dreadful. Free love, experimenting, and a little rebellion keep things interesting. You might be interested in spending your money on technology, humanitarian causes, and parties with your buddies.

Pisces - When Venus is in Pisces, love is next-level. After all, Venus is exalted in the sign of the Fish, which means it’s the best expression for the Goddess of Love. Romance is gentle and affectionate -  love is unconditional. Poetry, music, and long make-out sessions allow relationships to bond. You’ll have to watch out for boundaries though. It’s too easy to say yes when you really mean no. This transit is great for spending on art, music, and giving back to the community. But you’ll want to be careful of retail therapy. If you’re feeling down, put the credit card away.