Pluto Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Astrology Bytes with Theresa Reed

Jan 28 2022 • 10 mins

Episode 151. Pluto is a dwarf planet and the ninth planet from the Sun. It has five known Moons circling around it. Although astronomers tried to demote it, Pluto is still important in astrology. Named after the Greek/Roman god of the underworld,. it’s the modern ruler of Scorpio.

Pluto is associated with transformation, destruction, creation, regeneration, power, and rebirth. Wherever it sits in your chart shows where you can experience great transformation. However, if afflicted it can show where you become obsessed with power - or abuse it.

1st: Pluto in the first house indicates you are intense and possess a powerful will. Your early life may be filled with stressful situations, but this serves to make you more self-aware. It’s possible you may possess clairvoyant abilities as well. Your physical body is powerfully built and you have a strong presence. When you walk into the room, people notice. There is a bit of an aloof quality to your personality. If negatively aspected, you may be difficult to live with and unwilling to cooperate with others.

2nd: Pluto in the second house means you have a strong hustle. You’re ambitious for cash and will work hard to achieve material success. You can be extremely resourceful in how you make money. But if afflicted, you may be selfish with your money or you may experience trouble with inheritances, taxes, joint finances, or speculation.

3rd: Pluto in the third house indicates a penetrating mind, one that is able to see through the bullshit and get to the bottom of things. This makes you a natural detective. You have strong opinions and are not afraid to state them either. Your mind is deep and you’re great at keeping secrets. If afflicted, you may suffer from bouts of depression - or might be vindictive.

4th: Pluto in the fourth indicates a need to be in control of your home. You want to be the center of attention and king of the castle. This could mean dominating your loved ones - power plays with family could cause friction. If your Pluto is poorly aspected, you may lose a parent early in life or there may be big-time skeletons in the family closet.

5th: Pluto in the fifth house blesses you with natural creativity. You are in touch with your muse and able to tap into genius ideas. Love is an all-or-nothing game. If it’s not deep, you’re not interested. Your goal: merge with the partner. If Pluto is afflicted, you may be too domineering with your romantic partner or children. It’s also probably wise to not gamble if Pluto isn’t well aspected in this house.

6th: Pluto in the sixth house could mean you find transformation through your work - or you may possess the ability to transform working conditions. For example, you could be a labor attorney or you may be involved in the healing industry. Because the 6th house is associated with health, you may need to apply your willpower to overcome poor habits and improve your health. If afflicted, you may experience power struggles on the job - or might neglect your body.

7th: Pluto in the seventh house could mean your life is transformed through partnerships. Some of your biggest lessons happen through others - and certain relationships could alter your life in a profound way. You have strong insights into other people’s motives, which could make you an excellent psychologist. If poorly aspected, you may try to dominate your partners - or they may try to rule over you.

8th: Pluto in the eighth house elevates intuition. You may be clairvoyant or aware of the energy around you. Your faith is strong and so is your will. When life gets tough, your strength emerges. If Pluto is afflicted, you may experience power struggles over inheritances, insurance, taxes, and joint resources. Sometimes a poorly aspected Pluto in this house can indicate sexual obsession.

9th: Pluto in the ninth house gives a strong interest in transforming the self through higher education, spirituality, or travel. You want to be the biggest, best version of yourself - and are willing to go as far as necessary to achieve that. You’re ambitious and competitive, which may drive you to succeed wildly in academics. Social justice is important to you and your moral compass is strong. If afflicted, you could be a religious or political fanatic. You might even try to force your views on other people, which could make you unpopular.

10th: Pluto in the 10th house means you can achieve distinction in your career. You’re ambitious for power and will do whatever it takes to get it. You may be a world leader or gifted politician. If you choose to enter politics, you’ll want to remain focused on taking care of the public. If you decide to focus on power alone, you’ll easily turn into a dictator. If Pluto is afflicted, you may become a controversial figure with a circle of enemies determined to bring you down.

11th: Pluto in the 11th may indicate powerful friends and involvement in group activities centered around humanitarian concerns. You could be a dynamic leader and may attract allies who want to further your mission. If poorly aspected, there could be financial losses through friends - or friendships may suddenly end without rhyme or reason. Some of those friends could become frenemies.

12th: Pluto in the 12th house blesses you with deep spiritual insights and psychic abilities. You’re also keenly interested in helping folks, which may lead to work in hospitals, institutions, or charities. Time alone is essential for your well-being, especially if you spend much of your time taking care of other people. If afflicted, you may experience betrayal from secret enemies. You could also be obsessive over slights which may lead to a vindictive streak.