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From Retail to Helping the Ocean with Natasha Tucker
Feb 26 2022
From Retail to Helping the Ocean with Natasha Tucker
Natasha Tucker is a retail manager turned Executive Director of an ocean conservation non-profit organization. Prior to getting laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Natasha knew that her career in retail (specifically a large coffee chain at the time) was all wrong for her. She took the plunge into creating a future that was more aligned with her ethos of creating an ocean that eliminates human-created issues that affect marine ecosystems. Despite having a background in Business and some serious imposter syndrome, Natasha was able to transition from being a part of the plastic pollution crisis to creating solutions to solve this crisis. Within 3 months of her lay-off (aka the best thing that ever happened to her) she took on a role as Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Canada, the Canadian branch of a global organization, Plastic Oceans International. From slinging coffee to straight facts about the harmful effects of plastic pollution, Natasha now spends her time doing exactly what she's wanted to do; combining her obsession with a healthy, flourishing ocean with leading a change alongside incredible conservationists. Natasha's ability to pivot her career is an example that to do the work you love, you do not need years of education and that it is possible, with enough passion, dedication, and the right people on your side. Natasha lives in Halifax, NS with her fiance, dog, and cat. When she's not trying to save marine life from plastic pollution, she can be found scuba diving along Nova Scotia's coast or planning her next adventure. Natasha is the President of The Back to the Sea Society and volunteers with the Fishing Gear Coalition of Atlantic Canada, both local non-profit organizations in Nova Scotia.