Empathy and Female Friendships With Noorjehan Tourte

The Abundance Alchemist Podcast

Aug 23 2023 • 38 mins

“Accept not expect!” - Noorjehan Tourte

After unexpectedly making it to the semi-finals of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swim Search Competition, NoorJehan Tourte has made it her mission to get women excited about the prospect of falling on their faces, over and over, if it means they are making their one life on this earth count. She believed that becoming a Sports Illustrated model would represent the culmination of a lifetime spent searching for her true identity, but the experience helped her realize that her childhood dream was not only to be a cover model, but also a role model, one who empowers ladies to show the world every side, from every angle, unapologetically. Amidst the multitude of societal pressures put on women to conform, she wants to reassure her fellow females that living the life you painstakingly cultivated for yourself is worth even the worst of days, the worst of moments. Because wouldn’t you rather stumble living life, than squander it standing still? NoorJehan is currently a Group Senior Vice President Brand Strategist at healthcare advertising agency AREA 23. Prior to working in advertising, she was a U.S. Brand Marketer at Pfizer and a healthcare consultant at PwC. She holds an MBA from Columbia University and an MPH from UCLA. She has a passion for storytelling that is universal, and believes this can be done if we all lead with empathy.

You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • How empathy can set an unrealistic expectation

  • How female friendships evolve

  • How to let go of jealousy

  • How to get out of your own way!!


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