Episode 35: Real Life VO Journey with Brian Bremer

Atlanta Voiceover Studio

Oct 1 2022 • 36 mins

Brian Bremer is, what we determined on the podcast, a voiceover SAGE! With over 20 years experience, Brian has seen a lot along his VO journey. Today, he’s the voice of Planters Mr. Peanut, Nick on the Walking Dead video game and many more projects. He’s also our Intro to Voiceover & Intro to Animation workshop instructor. *In this episode we talk about - * How his rock band playing at the Olympics led to his VO career The one thing that would’ve made his journey easier And the key to a long and successful VO career Learn more about the Intro to VO Workshop (Live - In Person or Virtual): https://atlantavoiceoverstudio.com/what-we-offer-workshops-intro-to-voiceover-workshop/ On-Demand Intro to VO Workshop https://provoiceovertraining.com *Intro to Animation: * https://atlantavoiceoverstudio.com/what-we-offer-workshops-intro-to-animation-workshop/ Check out our BONUS questions with BRIAN on the AVS YOUTUBE CHANNEL where Brian shares the best VO advice he’s received, what makes a great talent & more VO wisdom. CLICK HERE for 15% off a Voice123 Membership ($359 tier and up) - https://bit.ly/3uPpO8i Terms & Conditions - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CcYMkdLxWfbmwbvu-mwaurLNtWYVpIBgkJpOQTYLDwc/edit?usp=sharing YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/gGPFePt8Rfs Follow Atlanta Voiceover Studio Here: facebook.com/atlantavoiceoverstudio instagram.com/atlantavoiceoverstudio twitter.com/atlvostudio tiktok.com/@atlantavoiceoverstudio Atlanta Voiceover Studio & ProVoiceoverTraining's Classes & Workshops www.AtlantaVoiceoverStudio.com www.ProVoiceoverTraining.com **Sign up for FREE weekly VO tips: https://bit.ly/AVSemail