Spaciousness: The Secret Ingredient of Business Success

The Feminine Marketing Show

Nov 21 2023 • 38 mins

What does it look like, day-to-day, to live in feminine energy? What does it look like to let intuition lead the way?

At the end of 2022, I committed to: bringing myself back to the feminine (while allowing the masculine to support me).

And let me tell you! – I have become waaayyyyyy more aligned, more magnetic, more confident, and more ABUNDANT because of it.

We’re talking nearly INSTANT manifestation! And my biggest biz months EVER!

The key? Spaciousness.

In this episode of The Feminine Marketing Show, I talk about the 3 key areas of my life that I created intentional spaciousness, including:

1. My physical space

2. My calendar

3. My own mind

The result? A profound ability to tap into my intuition and make decisions that effortlessly guide me toward success.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this episode:

  • The adrenal-fatigue era

  • Are you mental micro-managing?

  • How to let the universe lead (and be surprised and delighted)

  • If you want to expand your empire, you need to build a moat

  • 3 places to look for more spaciousness

  • My motto – what if this were easy?

  • Stripping away the tasks in my zone of excellence (to live in my zone of genius)

  • The mental tidy-up that helped me own my worth

  • You are meant to live in overflow

  • Inhale exhale it’s always working out for me

“Spaciousness is a super power. It’s not until we have spaciousness that our intuition can come through – and that’s what we’re looking for in feminine leadership.”

– Hanna


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