Create Personal Branding for Coaches That Just Feels Right with Amber Lilyestrom

The Feminine Marketing Show

Mar 7 2023 • 45 mins

Having a business, and marketing a business are two very different things.

You can be the BEST coach in the world….but unless you figure out how to TRANSLATE that “quality coaching” for your customers (and learn how to send out the “bat signal”)’ll be stuck, only helping a handful of people.

But these days, it’s not enough to simply follow a script, or a formula, and expect everything to fall into place. Nobody likes re-traumatizing their audience by holding a knife to their throat, and forcing them to “feel their pain” with “Problem-Agitate-Solve” tactics.

You’ve got to create the (masculine) foundation, and incorporate the (feminine) flow into every piece of your marketing, in order for your REACH to grow.

And most of all, you’ve got to lead what with FEELS good.

Picking up what I’m putting down?

Good. Because I have a feeling you’re going to L-O-V-E this episode of The Feminine Marketing Show! I chat with Amber Lilyestrom, a business mentor, sales & branding expert, author and keynote speaker. Her work has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, MindValley and Working Mother Magazine.

Excited to take a sip of this steaming cup of podcast perfection? Here are the ingredients:

  • There is a difference between “coaching language” and “marketing language”
  • The workIN is just as important as the workOUT
  • The truth about marketing on Instagram these days
  • The one marketing avenue EVERYONE should be committing to
  • Why consent is important, when it comes to selling your offer
  • People can’t know you, if you’re not sharing your art
  • Best practices for making an identity leap
  • Stop letting Suzy Sparkles dictate your business decisions

“I’m not responsible for the divine timing of my client. Their journey belongs to them. It’s not my responsibility. My responsibility is to show up, and to continue to serve.”

– Amber


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