Are You Asking The Right Questions About Business Visibility?

The Feminine Marketing Show

Oct 31 2023 • 16 mins

Is the idea of being more VISIBLE, a full body holy heck yes?

GOOD! – then I trust that you are doing the (daily!) inner work.

Because visibility is an inside job. And removing the blocks, and sorting out the trauma, and getting clear on what might be blocking you….is critical to your success!

But wait! – Being FAMOUS is different than being FULLY BOOKED. And even if you’re ready (and able) to go viral TOMORROW….you need to have a strategic framework in place, in order to capitalize on your visibility.

I want to make sure you’re fully positioned in order to receive everything that is possible, with increased visibility.

And in this solo episode of The Feminine Marketing Show, I dive into 2 key questions to ask yourself, in order to ensure that you have the foundations necessary to turn raving fans into paying clients!

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • “How do I get more followers?” (uh-oh….this is not the question to be asking)
  • The payoff: more money, more clients, more enrolments
  • Are you lit the eff up about your personal brand?
  • Scale of 1-10 - how do you feel when I say: “I saw your website!”
  • Are you confident that your audience knows how to TAKE ACTION?
  • The 7/11/4 marketing formula
  • How strong is your sales funnel game?
  • Does your personal brand express YOU? (and is it magnetic?)

“Let us support you in this visibility mission. Be lit up about your personal brand. Be confident about next steps. And make sure you have a strong foundation, so that you can welcome in new raving fans.”

– Hanna


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