Want Business Success? Stop Dreaming And Start Doing

The Feminine Marketing Show

Dec 5 2023 • 38 mins

Are you misusing the Law of Attraction?

A lot of us LOVE the dreaming phase of manifestation. We sit there with our sketchbooks, and our vision boards, and our endless lists….and we marinate in the IDEA of it all.

But in order to move forward and make sh&t happen, we need to take ACTION.

BEING your highest self is only the first step.

DOING things your highest self would do is a KEY INGREDIENT to manifestation (and it isn’t something that only happens AFTER the manifestation arrives).

Following the nudges, and taking the FIRST STEP (then another, and another) is part of the process. And when you start acting in accordance with where you want to go, the universe responds!

What does this look like in the real world? How do entrepreneurs make this a reality?

In this episode of The Feminine Marketing Show, I chat with Hypnosis and Law of Attraction Expert, Victoria Gallagher!

Victoria’s take on WHY YOU AREN’T MANIFESTING your dream life/biz will knock your socks off! So go ahead, and give it a listen!

Here’s what you’ll hear about:

  • Are you staying STUCK in the dreaming?

  • The power of living in the experience of what you desire to create

  • Follow the nudges and just take the first step

  • Are you creating the structure in your life, to make room for things to happen?

  • Grab a post-it note, and write this down: “because it’s fun!”

  • That time when Victoria was her own bottleneck

  • You were always meant to achieve your desires

  • Realistic isn’t always the answer

  • How hypnosis can help you start to take action

“The more you are BEING the person you are meant to be, the more the universe will line you up with what you’re striving for.”

– Victoria


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