Turning Events Into Lead Magnets: How To Host A Live Event for Your Coaching Business

The Feminine Marketing Show

Feb 7 2023 • 35 mins

There’s something so *magical* about LIVE events….isn’t there? The energy, the speakers, the networking, the muffins….

And now that we’re living in a post-pandemic world, LIVE events are making a BIG come-back.

But how do you “do it right?” How do you make sure people show up? And how do you convert those attendees into long-term clients?

You’ve got to leverage the power of feminine marketing – community, collaboration, and connection!

In this episode of The Feminine Marketing Show, I chat with Larnell Vickers! Larnell is an experienced Career Coach, and founder of Career Day for the Soul. He’s helped thousands of people establish their vision, expand their network, and evolve their toolkit. And he’s just getting started!

Got your notebook ready? – you’ll want to jot down a few things! Like this:

  • How to use your LIVE event as a lead magnet for your paid programs
  • Getting your current clients to be your ambassadors
  • The importance of giving people a “pre-experience”
  • What to do when only 10 people show up
  • The power of consistency + vision

“It takes wings. For me, I’ve always felt like I’ve had to knock it out of the ballpark, the first swing. And that’s a lot of pressure. The stage, the lights, the people. You can take small ‘at bats’  and work towards your big vision.”

– Larnell


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