Christian Puglisi | Character, Courage, and Minimalism in Restaurants - Ep. 152

The Repertoire Podcast

Jun 9 2022 • 1 hr 20 mins

Show Notes:

Relae in Copenhagen on Instagram

Christian Puglisi Website and Instagram

Relæ: A Book of Ideas

The Daily Stoic Book

Vaughn Tan - The Uncertainty Mindset, Style, and Risk | The Emulsion Podcast Ep. 133

The Uncertainty Mindset Book

Track your sleep with Oura Ring

Check Out Korin and their new line: Kaguya Wa Line

Silky Kitchen Scissors

Joyce Chen's Scissors

El Bulli Restaurant's Website

Noma Restaurant's Website

Etxebarri Restaurant's Website

Stoicism Philosophy

Marcus Aurelius

Meditations Book  by Marcus Aurelius

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