#4 Mushroom stories

Wildventures - tales about nature

Apr 30 2022 • 8 mins

Today, the Wild Tale will take you to the fantastic world of mushrooms. You will learn what mushrooms are, what they do in the forest and ... in your kitchen. You will also learn which mushrooms glow and which will help you light a fire.


Wildventures is a nature tale podcast for children and adults. My name is Aneta Chmielińska and I am an outdoor instructor from Poland. I believe that each of us cares about what we love. That's the reason why every Friday I will try to make you fall in love with nature!

Contact: aneta.chmielinska@dzikoprzygody.pl

Text and sound editing: Aneta Chmielińska
Music: DDmyzik, drotzruhn,”Celtic Positive Intro” SergeQuadrado, “Sky Loop” FoolBoyMedia, “Warm Acoustic Music” Papanin Kasettratat