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The oldest records of civilization come to us through stone carvings. Stone carving has evolved and adapted throughout the ages, in cultures around the world.

The Stone Carvers Guild is a group of independent working professional carvers based throughout the United States. We are working to ensure that carved stone will continue to play an important role in our built environment throughout the 21st century and beyond.

This podcast looks to capture members' stories and experiences to share with others.

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Patrick Plunkett
Dec 10 2023
Patrick Plunkett
Welcome back to the Stone Carvers Guild Podcast! In this episode, we are joined by the talented stone carver, Patrick Plunkett. Get ready to delve into the fascinating journey of this stone carver, from his English roots to iconic projects like the National Cathedral and the White House.Click here to see Patrick's work.Episode Highlights:English Beginnings:Explore Patrick's artistic roots in England and how his early experiences shaped his passion for stone carving.Journey to America:Discover the story of Patrick Plunkett's transition from England to America and the cultural influences that played a role in shaping his artistic vision.National Cathedral Chronicles:Gain insights into Patrick's significant contributions to the National Cathedral, unraveling tales of craftsmanship and dedication.Darth Vader Grotesque:Join us as Patrick shares behind-the-scenes anecdotes of carving the infamous Darth Vader grotesque at the National Cathedral, offering a unique perspective on the creative process.Carving through History:Reflect on Patrick's experiences working on the White House during the historic events of 9/11.Advice for Aspiring Carvers:Listen as Patrick imparts wisdom to aspiring stone carvers, sharing lessons learned throughout his illustrious career.Connect with Stone Carvers Guild:Explore the art of stone carving on our website. Subscribe to the Stone Carvers Guild Podcast for more captivating interviews.Subscribe, Rate, and Review:Never miss an episode! Subscribe now and leave a 5-star rating with a positive review on your podcast provider. Your support helps us share the craft of stone carving with a broader audience. Thanks for tuning in!