What’s So Controversial About Critical Race Theory? with David Bailey

Love Is Stronger Than Fear with Amy Julia Becker

Oct 19 2021 • 51 mins

We’ve heard the rhetoric that demonizes Critical Race Theory. But should citizens of the Kingdom of God have a different response? David Bailey, executive director of Arrabon, talks with Amy Julia Becker about Critical Race Theory and peacemaking, the removal of Confederate monuments, and the use of history as a means to heal.

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David Bailey is the executive director of Arrabon, which exists to “equip Christian leaders and their communities for the work of reconciliation. Our digital study series, worship resources, and Transformational Journey training modules are designed to help you build a reconciling community that brings healing and wholeness to our broken and divided world.”

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Interview Quotes

“I think what’s even more important than what CRT is is our understanding of: What does it mean to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God?”

“What is Critical Race Theory? How would people who engage in that discipline define it? What are some of the image-bearing gifts…And what are the ways that it falls short?…It is our assignment to be peacemakers. It’s our assignment to be people engaging in a ministry of reconciliation.”

“We can use history to hurt. We can use history to hide. We can use history as a means to heal.”

“You see the good, bad, and the ugly of humanity [in the Bible], but when we talk about American history, it’s almost considered you’re being un-American to say anything negative about our history.”

“We can give empathy to folks whether we agree with people or not. I think this is a very important practice to do, particularly as a person who follows Jesus.”

“What’s the right and honorable thing to do to speak the truth in love, to actually engage in the truth…to look at complex, sinful human beings and how we’ve engaged with one another and to actually be agents of peacemaking and reconciliation, not just only for today but for our children and the next generation.”


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