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Widow We Do Now is a podcast created by two young widows, Anita and Mel. Through humor, authenticity, and empathy, they address topics related to grief, death, bereavement, and moving forward through the inescapable pitfalls of young widowhood. They also love cheese. read less
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Ep. 167 | When You Meet Your Husband In a Cave, Then He Dies: Kim Hamer
Jun 26 2023
Ep. 167 | When You Meet Your Husband In a Cave, Then He Dies: Kim Hamer
On April 16, 2009, Kim Hamer watched her 44-year-old husband take his last breath. During his illness and after his death, she was amazed and humbled by the creative and thoughtful ways their friends, family, and co-workers supported them. Kim started calling these kind actions “acts of love.”At work, she noticed how most managers are ill-prepared to support an employee (and their team) dealing with cancer, loss, or depression. She set out to change that. Kim now combines her personal experience with her knowledge as an HR professional and trainer and offers coaching and training programs that show managers and c-suite executives exactly what to say and what to do when a team is in crisis. Her unique strategies offer managers clear ways to provide empathy while simultaneously driving productivity.Kim is the author of 100 Acts of Love: A Girlfriend's Guide to Loving Your Friend through Cancer or Loss, a must-have guide for anyone who has a colleague, employee, or friend dealing with cancer, loss, or depression. The book is filled with 100 simple and effective ways to support a person in crisis.Kim is also a sought-after speaker and HR consultant. She lives in LA and tries not to bother her three relatively well-behaved young adult children.To get Kim's book, go to: https://www.100actsoflove.comHelp us keep the Widow We Do Now podcast going!http://www.patreon.com/wwdnWant to buy us some tacos?https://www.buymeacoffee.com/widowwedonowSponsored by: BetterHelp.com. Save 10% off the first month of online therapy done securely, online with our unique link: https://trybetterhelp.com/wwdnMint Mobile: Mobile phone plans with great service and coverage starting at $15/month https://trymintmobile.com/wwdn