What Does it Really Mean to Dress Well? With Dianne Cant OAM

What Would June Dally-Watkins Do?

Sep 4 2022 • 51 mins

“Dressing well is a form of Good Manners” - Tom Ford

Join Jodie and Dianne Cant as we dissect how synonymous good style is with good taste, and how to avoid being rude by committing a fashion faux pas!

Where is the line between etiquette and snobbery, and how much of that has to do with what we wear? Whilst we all live in a time where people make a judgement about us within the first seven seconds of meeting - how much weight does each outfit hold? And what’s the difference between having a good style and following the trends?

  • Australian Order of Merit - 1:56
  • Wearing it with Pride - 03:36
  • “Dressing well is a form of good manners” - 6:49
  • Meeting Valentino - 08:08
  • And Ralph Lauren! - 12:08
  • Etiquette and snobbery - 13:01
  • “Good taste before fashion” - 14:52
  • How not to be a fashion victim - 15:08
  • Fashion Faux Pa’s - 17:34
  • Do people follow dress codes anymore? -19:55
  • Dress codes VS dress standards. - 20:41
  • Dressing for success - 23:54
  • Why do we need a Dress Code? - 28:16
  • Post COVID fashion -  30:27
  • “There was a time when we weren’t allowed to wear pants” - 32:58
  • What constitutes being rude? - 34:58
  • Can you wear white to a wedding? - 35:48
  • Queensland - the capital of casual - 38:54
  • “You can dress down and get away with it” - 41:06
  • Are corporate standards a thing of the past? - 44:06
  • Fake it until you make it? - 46:02
  • Looking professional - 47:11

About your guest, Dianne Cant

Dianne has 55 years’ experience instigating and developing formats for Australia’s Fashion Industry, in awards programmes, fashion shows, personal styling, models, retailers, education, fashion design students, events and private clients. She also held the position of Fashion Manager of the RAQ Fashion Design Awards for 29 years and later the NRA Australian Fashion Design Awards as shown on Channel 9 and Channel 7 over the three decades of these major fashion events. As the lead fashion/style educator for June Dally-Watkins, Modelling and Deportment school for 52 years, there is no one more suited to discuss all things fashion with!

About your host, Jodie Bache McLean from June Dally Watkins and Chic Management

“Miss Dally was and remains one of the most significant women in my life. She was my boss, mentor and cherished leader for the past 36 years.” - Jodie

Jodie has been a part of June Dally Watkins for over 40 years, after her mother enrolled her in a course to help with her confidence when she was a teenager - Jodie then started working in the model agency as a booker only seven years later. Jodie now manages the business and has successfully navigated the Brisbane operation for the past 33 years.

Offering specialised knowledge, personal experience and expertise, Jodie is perfectly suited to tell us what June Dally Watkins would do.

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