Ep.32 - Prostate Cancer, the silent killer. Errol McKellar brings us some hope.

The Wellbeing Project by The PodBarber

Dec 31 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

Prostate Cancer: the silent killer. Men, you need to get checked regularly, because you might not know you have it until it’s too late.

Our guest in this episode is Errol McKellar MBE, he himself a survivor of the disease, which propelled him into dedicating his life to spreading awareness of the cancer which kills over 11,000 men a year.

Errol is now on a mission to get mobile testing units on the road to help the majority of the next 11,000 avoid death by having the simplest of checks – the PDA test. And ladies, if they aren’t thinking about doing it, get your men tested before it’s too late.

By the time you reach the end of this podcast, another man will have died of Prostate Cancer.

Web: https://www.theerrolmckellarfoundation.com/
Email: info@errolmckellar.com
Instagram: errolmckellar1
Twitter: temf2018

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