Ep.34 - Climate change, it's not too late to make the changes. Together, let's get started. With Edward Gildea.

The Wellbeing Project by The PodBarber

Jan 14 2022 • 1 hr 4 mins

Climate change. Sustainability. Buzzwords we’ve all heard, the hot topic of our time. But do we truly know the implications of the harsh mining we’ve undertaken for the last couple of centuries of our beautiful Earth’s resources?

Enter: Edward Gildea. Environmental activist, founder of ‘The Ring-out For Climate’ campaign ahead of 2021’s COP26 Conference, and a passionate advocate for change inside and outside of our governments to save humanity.

Millions of people will die as a result of our actions on this planet, so now is the time for us all to shift mindsets and start to reverse the damage for the future generations.

Edward’s passion, enthusiasm and knowledge on this matter shine through in this fascinating and educational podcast. Be inspired to make a difference. We have one chance to save lives. Let’s do it together. Starting now.

Edward's website: https://www.edwardgildea.co.uk/
Web: https://solar-aid.org/

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