Ep.31 - Abandoned infant and a life of drugs and drink: Dave Minet talks frankly.

The Wellbeing Project by The PodBarber

Dec 17 2021 • 46 mins

What’s with those football hooligans? The answer is not a simple one. Meet Dave Minet. Abandoned as an infant into the care system in the 1960s, he suffered racism, he never felt love, and his constant fear drove him to drink, hard drugs and the hooliganism that gave him purpose and thrill.

Fast forward 40-plus years, and Dave’s hope for a better life – or even just a life in itself – led him to the 12-step programme and a release from the hell that most of his life had been. He’s now using the story of his own life experience to inspire and help save others who have similarly lost their way.

This is a heart-warming story that will  challenge  opinion and belief.

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