Climate Investing

Metta Talks

Aug 11 2021 • 39 mins

In this episode, Wil talks to Pippa Gawley, Founder and Managing Director of Zero Carbon Capital - an early-stage investor in companies that are on a mission to fix climate change through deep science innovation.

Wil and Pippa take a look at where climate investing is today, how Zero Carbon Capital validates cutting-edge technologies in this space, and supports spinout companies on their journey as well as the concrete action needed from a government and policy perspective to achieve Net-Zero.

If you would like to connect with Pippa, reach out to her by email If you’d like to get in touch with Zero Carbon Capital regarding funding, head over to their website ( and subscribe to their Twitter @ZeroCarbonCap for the latest on climate tech. Pippa is also the co-founder of FiveThirteen (, a collaborative, non-profit organisation supporting female & non-binary cleantech entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in learning more, contact FiveThirteen by email or follow their work on Twitter @fivethirteenUK.

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