#61 Beyond the Posts: A Guide to Genuine Social Media Success and Business Growth

Your Loving Kick in the Pants

Jan 17 2024 • 8 mins

In this podcast episode, I address the common struggle of individuals trying to leverage social media for business growth. Recognizing that many people feel their efforts on social media are not yielding the desired results, I offer insights on making social media content more engaging and profitable.

The episode emphasizes three key tips: the importance of deliberate and intentional content creation, the need for authentic engagement in social interactions, and the significance of analyzing and adapting strategies based on results.

I also share personal experiences, including the challenges of maintaining authenticity when delegating social media tasks and the realization that adapting and analyzing content can lead to more effective outcomes.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Importance of deliberate and intentional content creation
  • Recognizing the need for authenticity in social media engagement
  • Analyzing and adapting social media strategies based on results
  • Overcoming the misconception that quantity trumps quality in content creation
  • Aligning social media content with the interests and needs of the audience
  • The impact of personal experiences on social media authenticity
  • Balancing the use of social media assistants while maintaining authenticity
  • Recognizing social media as a two-way conversation for better engagement
  • Assessing the authenticity of social media strategies for individual and business alignment
  • The role of enjoyment in successful social media use for business growth.

I recorded my entire audiobook and I'd love for you to consume it between episodes go to my website below for the FREE download.

Marci Barker - Life & Business Accountability Coach