#70 Take this Quiz to assess your Accountability

Your Loving Kick in the Pants

Mar 20 2024 • 13 mins

In this episode, I shared a cool new way to help you stick to your goals. It's called an "accountability assessment."

Basically, you answer questions about how well you're doing with stuff like planning and staying committed. Then you add up your scores to see where you stand. It's like a report card for your goals! Plus, I explained how it's already helping people in my program.

So, if you want to kickstart your progress, give it a try!

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Introduction to the accountability assessment tool

  • Explanation of the purpose behind the assessment

  • Mention of personal experience with therapy and self-reflection

  • Assessment with two sections: "waking up" and "showing up"

  • Description of questions within each section

  • Emphasis on the importance of self-awareness and reflection

  • Insights into how the assessment has helped my clients

  • Reminder to use the assessment as a tool for personal growth

Marci Barker
Life Coach specializing in Accountability for Business Owners Author of The Accountability Code
It's Time to Wake Up and Show Up!
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