#67 What Reflection, Humility and Planning are all about

Your Loving Kick in the Pants

Feb 28 2024 • 16 mins

In this episode, I reflect on attending a live podcast event, reigniting my passion for podcasting, and emphasizing the importance of consistency. I emphasize my commitment to delivering weekly episodes that motivate listeners to take action.

Introducing the concept of the "accountability code," and I also share my personal experiences that led to its creation, focusing on reflection, humility, and planning as its initial steps. I encourage listeners to reflect on their own accountability and announce an upcoming program where we'll delve deeper into the accountability code.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Consistency in podcasting
  • Recording methods for the podcast
  • Motivational aspects of the podcast
  • Introduction to the accountability code
  • Personal experiences leading to the accountability code's creation
  • Reflection, humility, and planning as initial steps of the accountability code
  • Impact of accountability on personal growth
  • Invitation to participate in the accountability program

I recorded my entire audiobook and I'd love for you to consume it between episodes go to my website below for the FREE download.

Marci Barker - Life & Business Accountability Coach