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This is the official podcast channel of the European Association of Urology and the European School of Urology. The EAU Podcast is your source for the latest information across the full urological spectrum. Take your clinical practice to new heights and tune in!

Dr. Sajjad Rahnama'i explains neurogenic detrusor overactivityRichard Cathomas about Immunotherapy in muscle-invasive bladder cancerNicolas Mottet about the changes in the 2022 guidelines for prostate cancer - Part 2Nicolas Mottet about the changes in the 2022 guidelines for prostate cancer - Part 1Prof Daniel Engeler discussing importants aspects in the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Pelvic PainDr Bela Köves discussing the changes in the guidelines relating to recurrent urinary tract infectionsProf. Berk Burgu discussing vesico-ureteral reflux in children, including its diagnosis and treatmentDr. Toine van der Heijden about the three different diversions mentioned in the EAU guidelines after cystectomyDr. Arjun Nambiar discussing the new guidelines on non-neurogenic Female LUTSDr. Sachin Malde about the current status and future challenges in minimally invasive treatments for BPODr. Oscar Rodriguez Faba discussing how we can improve the organ pool for kidney transplantationProf. Joana Carvalho discussing the psychological aspects in male sexual healthDr. Josine Quaedackers about testicular microlithiasis in childrenDr. Alexandra Masson-Lecomte about perioperative management of high risk upper tract urothelial carcinomaDr Kay Thomas discussing metabolic factors affecting stone patientsProf. Alberto Breda about the latest advances in surgical techniques for organ retrieval and kidney transplant surgeryProf. Christian Radmayr about management of undescended testesProf. Bhaskar Somani offers tips in publishing scientific papersDr. Stefanie Fischer discussing the adjuvant treatment of Stage 1 testicular cancerProf. Nicolas Mottet on new guideline recommendations for prostate cancer part 1