In episode #064
We meet Oskar Andermo. A Dubai based coach and entreprenour. We discuss how live is in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic. Mental Toughness and the importance of Mental Training. Oskar is one of the disciples of Lars-Erik Uneståhl that is the father of Mental training from episode 54. We discuss how to start Mental Training, changing emotional states with triggers. What is NLP? What is the Disney strategy? Importance of accountability. Setting Goals. Creating Habits. How we can use nature to be more creative? Oskar shares his “Triple I” Method with: Inspiration, Information and Implementation. We get a lot of practical tips and we also get some ideas for visualising our goals and creating magic moments. If you are into personal development – this is the go to episode for you. It goes hand in hand with all the concepts at FLAWD. Please give the podcast 5 star review an tell everyone you know. Thank you.

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.whoami ?

Oskar Andermo, Dubai based entreprenour, speaker, coach. Coach leaders and entrepreneurs on a successful happy life

  • (02:15) Oskar elevator pitch
  • (02:45) Oskars background, how did he end up in Dubai? He moved to Dubai in 2007
  • (06:00) How is life in Dubai during the 2020 Pandemic (COVID19)? And how is the mental aspect
  • (09:00) Why should I meditate? And what meditation would Oskar recommend? Are we over-stimulated today? Mental Training Method. App Oak. Start with Guided meditation. Check out IMT – Integrated Mental Training
  • (13:30) We discuss Lars-Eric Uneståhl #054
  • (15:40) What would a Mental Toughness Training program with Oskar look like? There is the lon