TFP #055 Patrick McKeown - Oxygen Advantage

The FLAWD Podcast

Jun 15 2018 • 1 hr 11 mins

In this all English episode #055:
We met Patrick McKeown who is of the worlds foremost experts on breathing and the director of education and training at the Buteyko Clinic International and author of several books. This episode is all about breathing. Patrick shares his extensive knowledge on the topic and we talk a lot about his latest book Oxygen Advantage. We learn: how breathing can help cure breathing disorders and improve performance. We deep dive into the science and practical implementation of principles for breathing. How we can help our kids breathe better, warm-up protocols, cool down protocols and so much more. Everyone who breathes can learn something from this episode!
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Short bio:

Patrick is one of the worlds foremost experts on breathing, author of the Oxygen Advantage and many other books about breathing. He is also the director of education and training at the Buteyko Clinic International.

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  • 02:00 - Who is Patrick and what does he do?
    • Breathing Pattern Disorder and
    • Breathing exercises to enhance sports performance
  • 03:40 Patrick's story. We discuss 2 foundational pillars of breathing:  Breathe through your nose and breathe light.
  • 05:10 If breathing lightly through your nose is so important, why hasn't evolution provided for us doing this subconsciously?
  • 07:30 Can we breathe too much? Why is this?
  • 07:50 Benefits of nose-breathing. (Nose breathing slows down your breathing. Arterial oxygen uptake increases. Nitric oxide bronchi dilator. Ventilation-perfusion.)
  • 11:45 Can you train yourself past a runny nose with breathing? 72% Reduction of rhinitis. Really cold day, it might be smart to breathe with your mouth. Rhinitis is 30% of the population.
  • 14:25 Taping your mouth while sleeping. Lipseal tape.co