Edna Conway: Collaboration in Cybersecurity Policy and Practice


Apr 15 2024 • 44 mins

Edna Conway, an innovative executive and thought leader with over 30 years of experience leading cybersecurity, risk management, and value chain transformation at Fortune 10 technology companies, highlights how collaboration in cybersecurity is critical for the development of and adherence to policy and practice in this Kitecast episode. Edna is currently a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and CEO and Founder of EMC Advisors. She currently is an advisor or board member for a long list of technology and professional services startups and nonprofit organizations.

One theme from the discussion with Edna centered on the cybersecurity workforce shortage. She emphasized the need to look beyond traditional sources and backgrounds to find talent. This requires partnerships between companies, academia, and nonprofits focused on training and upskilling people from diverse backgrounds for cybersecurity roles. Apprenticeship and mentorship models were discussed as potential solutions.

The conversation then delved into cybersecurity policy and regulation. Edna provided her perspectives on the balance between driving security practices versus overregulation that hinders business. She noted that legislation often lags behind technology advancements, making public-private collaboration critical. Edna stressed the importance of the private sector proactively stepping up security rather than just reacting to new regulations.

Another key topic from the podcast touched on the crowded landscape of cybersecurity startups and the challenges they face. Beyond just having an innovative product, Edna emphasized the importance of serving a real customer need, providing a complete solution, and demonstrating value to multiple stakeholders in an organization beyond just the security team. Making customers’ lives easier is key to standing out.

Edna also touched on the need to embed security into business processes and objectives from the start, rather than bolting it on afterwards. She discussed the concept of “secure by design” and how leading organizations are building security into everything from their products to their supplier relationships. This proactive, holistic approach is critical to managing cyber risk in an increasingly interconnected business environment.

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EMC Advisors: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emcadvisors

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