Jean Bernier: Quantum AI: The Future of Cybersecurity


Jul 26 2023 • 45 mins

CEO and Entrepreneur Jean Phillip Bernier, the CEO of AnniQ and Spin Quantum Tech, shares his enthusiasm for AI and Quantum Computing technology advances. Bernier tracks the progress of Quantum Computing, especially IBM’s rapid development from a 5-qubit machine in 2017 to a prediction of a 100,000-qubit machine by 2033. The staggering quantum processing power, he believes, could unlock problem-solving potential beyond our current imagination.

Bernier spotlights the role of cloud computing in democratizing technology. He reminisces about the early computing era when Sun Microsystems’ technologies were out of reach for many due to high costs. Cloud computing has flipped this narrative, transforming sophisticated, expensive technology tools to something affordable to organizations of virtually any size. Anyone with a credit card can delve into Quantum Computing capabilities. This, in turn, fosters a thriving community of quantum algorithm enthusiasts and learners.

Bernier explores three real-world applications of Quantum Computing: 1) business operations optimization, 2) AI algorithm acceleration, and 3) most significantly, a unique encryption method known as “entropic encryption.” This approach is a game-changer for data security. Traditional encryption relies on the secrecy of a single key, which is under threat with quantum technology’s ability to consider all possible solutions simultaneously. Entropic encryption offers a fresh perspective by harnessing the inherent chaos and entropy of quantum states, hiding data in a sea of what appears to be random noise. The data is unreadable without the correct pattern, providing a new layer of security and a multiplicity of decryption avenues.

To make sense of the complex Quantum Computing world, Bernier draws parallels between Newton’s concept of gravity and the superposition principle in quantum mechanics. Just as gravity influenced falling objects before Newton quantified it, Quantum Computing uncovers existing, yet previously unexplored data patterns. At the same time, Bernier acknowledges the nascent state of Quantum Computing, referring to recent incidents of broken algorithms as a part of the technology’s learning curve.

When it comes to cybersecurity, Bernier predicts a convergence of AI and Quantum Computing. He shares about an ongoing project Spin Quantum Tech is managing with a U.S. company, where they are leveraging both Quantum Computing and AI to develop a novel anti-ransomware solution. The team is capitalizing on the power of Quantum Computing to rapidly explore a multitude of decryption keys, paired with AI’s predictive and learning capabilities, to swiftly identify and implement the correct decryption pattern. This fusion of technologies is expected to create a dynamic solution, capable of not only recovering information held ransom but doing so in a manner that eliminates the necessity for victims to negotiate with cybercriminals. The project is pioneering in its approach and could radically reshape the cybersecurity landscape, providing robust defenses against the ever-evolving threat of ransomware.



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