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This is JS Party! (JS Party)
JS logging & error handling (JS Party #227)Stacked diffs for fast-moving code review (The Changelog #491)Berlin's transition to Go (Go Time #231)Knative, Sigstore & swag (KubeCon EU 2022) (Ship It! #54)Schneier on security for tomorrow’s software (The Changelog #490)Securing K8s releases (KubeCon EU 2022) (Ship It! #53)The third year of the third age of JS (JS Party #226)Revisiting Caddy (Go Time #230)From GitHub TV to Rewatch (Founders Talk #90)Active learning & endangered languages (Practical AI #178)Run your home on a Raspberry Pi (The Changelog #489)A JS framework for startups: Redwood goes 1.0 (JS Party #225)What to do when projects get big and messy (Go Time #229)Priyanka's Happy Hour (KubeCon EU 2022) (Ship It! #52)Leading GitLab to IPO (Founders Talk #89)Mob programming deep dive (The Changelog #488)Were SPAs a big mistake? (JS Party #224)Go and PHP sitting in a tree... (Go Time #228)Making an open source Stripe for time (Founders Talk #88)From Kubernetes to PaaS - now what? (Ship It! #51)