Part 2 - Dr. Marty Heslin talks about the "New Normal" for cancer care

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Apr 23 2021 • 20 mins

Part 2 - Dr. Marty Heslin talks about the New Normal for cancer care

Dr. Marty Heslin is the new Cancer Center Director for the University of South Alabama Mitchell Cancer Institute in Mobile, Alabama. He is a Surgical Oncologist, and has spent the last 25 years at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System, where he most recently served as the Chief of the Medical Staff, and Executive Vice Chair of Surgery.

In PART 2 of our interview, Dr. Heslin shares his thoughts on how the delivery of cancer care was impacted by the challenges we all faced in 2020. In this episode, Dr. Heslin outlines his thoughts on the critical success factors for cancer centers as we move forward into the “new normal.” He also makes recommendations for how pharmaceutical companies can appropriately align with cancer centers around the shared values of improving patient outcomes.

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