Season II, Ep. 5 feat. Vivian Phillips

Fluency w/ Dr. Durell Cooper

Mar 3 2022 • 37 mins

In this episode Dr. Cooper speaks with Vivian Phillips. Vivian is a communications professional and arts leader.  She is  co-host of the podcast doubleXposure where she and veteran arts  journalist Marcie Sillman use their voice and platform to plumb the  deepest depths and the tiniest cracks of our world to understand how  culture and creativity shape our lives.  Vivian is also the founder and  editor-in-chief of the online magazine Arte Noir, a gathering place to  explore and center the dynamic creativity, soulfulness, and power of  Black art.  In addition to the online magazine, Arte Noir will soon open a  gallery and shop location at Midtown Square in Seattle.

Vivian has served in numerous communications and arts leadership  roles.  She was Director of Marketing and Communications for Seattle  Theatre Group, served as Director of Communications to Mayor Paul  Schell, chaired the 4Culture Board, and the Seattle Arts Commission, co founded the Historic Central Area Arts and Cultural District, sat on the  founding board of LANGSTON, and co-founded The Hansberry Project.   Her service to community has been felt across numerous organizations  and she currently sits on the University of Washington Foundation  Board. Vivian practices as a communications strategic advisor and arts  consultant, actively advocating and creating opportunities for the  inclusion of Black, and artists of color, in major developments and  projects across the city.