#66 - Glenn Klein Online with Jon Erlich

Glenn Klein Online

Apr 1 2022 • 1 hr 57 mins

Jon, the owner of JB Communications in Chicago and a former camper of Glenn’s at Camp Menominee in Eagle River, WI is our special guest.

The show commences with Glenn rehearsing: why this is the last one, the many incarnations of GKO over the decades, embracing THE truth, his experience at WRJN with colleagues Tom Karkow and Mike Clemens, WMEN Camp Radio, Cory Provus, Rich Cohen, WXPR Public Radio, getting fired because of Rush Lmbaugh, Dawn’s impact on camp, Hannah and Angel’s “mean” relationship, using sports and current events for his coaching, his book “Early Wake-Up Call” and the response of some people to it (but not Jon’s). Then we learn about: Jon’s involvement in leaving a waitress a $800 tip at the “Best Breakfast Ever", his “hitting rock bottom”, the guys’ experience and some of the history and boys at Menominee including an epidemic at CM where the CDC was called in by Jeff Schwartz in 1978, da Coach’s mentor Al Lewis, Bob Bender, channeling camp owner Alan Wasserman, other CM owners Nate and Edna Wasserman, Steve Kanefsky, Jason Feldgreber, Menominee and Camp Marimeta as camping pioneers, the importance of camp for children, the Nate Wasserman Camp Fund and Camp for All Kids, Jon’s latest fitness journey, Richard Klein’s weight training modality, Jon’s ideal woman and why he waited until 40 to get married, Steve Moe and breathe work, Scott Marland, John Pelts, Willie Zimberoff, Jon’s new nickname plus (believe it or not) so much more. NSWF or children. It ain’t going to be boring.