EP90: Why Legal Documents Don't Attract Lunatics or Lawsuits

Legally Enlightened with Lisa Fraley

Nov 4 2019 • 19 mins

Clients have told me that they’re reticent to use legal documents because they don’t

want to create or attract “negative energy.” They fear that if they put Website Terms & Conditions in place or use a Client Agreement that they’re acting from a place of fear and drawing unsavory situations towards them. In this episode, we walk through 5 reasons why using legal documents might feel non-spiritual, and talk about how you can use legal documents and still be deeply spiritual.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

  • 5 Reasons Why using Legal Documents might feel non-spiritual.
  • Reason #1: You’re sending a signal that might attract negative attention.
  • Reason #2: You’re giving attention to what you don’t want instead of what you do want.
  • Reason #3: You’ll attract lunatics and give people a reason to get angry with you.
  • Reason #4: You’ll be restricted and feel bound by the language in legal documents.
  • Reason #5: You won’t be perceived as truly spiritual and may be considered a hypocrite.
  • 5 Ways to pivot so you don’t have to worry that you’re attracting lawsuits and lunatics.
  • Why law and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.
  • Why Lisa talks about infusing love into legal documents and aligns legal steps with the chakras.
  • Why you can be BOTH legally protected AND spiritually open.

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