EP93: Fear of Disappointing Others as a Leader in Your Business

Legally Enlightened with Lisa Fraley

Nov 25 2019 • 18 mins

When you’re a leader of a business, one of the biggest worries is that you’ll disappoint people. By saying “no” to a request from a client or team member, you worry you’ll hurt your reputation or your relationships. In this episode, we talk about the critical role you play at the helm of your business and what it means to “wear the crown” as a leader of your company. I also share a personal story about my own struggle when I made an unpopular decision as a leader and disappointed people - and how I handled it.

In this episode, Lisa shares:

  • What it means to stand as a leader in your business
  • Why it’s important to learn when to say yes and when to say no as a leader
  • Lisa’s first public experience saying no and how she handled the negative ramifications
  • Why Lisa aligns leadership with the crown chakra
  • Why being a leader involves holding boundaries and making courageous decisions

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