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The kind of conversations I would have wanted to hear when I was finding my way to sobriety. Conversations that can help remove shame and stigma and move people toward finding help. Substance Use Disorder (addiction) is treatable.

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Reflections on 11 Years of Sobriety - Conversation with My Wife Molly
May 29 2024
Reflections on 11 Years of Sobriety - Conversation with My Wife Molly
Ever wondered how celebrating sobriety birthdays can transform a recovery journey? Join us as we mark 11 years of sobriety, sharing heartfelt reflections and personal milestones. From the unwavering support of my first sponsor, Todd Edwards, to the compassionate guidance of Steve Dunn, you'll hear stories that underscore the power of community and resilience. Listen in as we discuss the traditions that have kept me grounded and the broader life lessons learned along the way.Recovery is not a one-size-fits-all journey, and this episode shines a light on the diverse paths to overcoming Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We compare the statistics of recovery in the U.S. with the membership of AA, revealing a landscape rich with individualized approaches. Drawing inspiration from Brené Brown's insights on vulnerability, we challenge the shame and stigma often associated SUD.Language matters, especially in the context of addiction and recovery. This episode unpacks why terms like "substance use disorder" are preferred and how words can shape perceptions and impact lives. Through personal anecdotes, we illustrate the evolving societal awareness around mental health and substance use. Additionally, we invite you to explore the history of the recovery movement by watching the documentary film: "The Anonymous People".Some of the topics from this conversation, with links:The class I'm taking: Certified Facilitator in Addiction Awareness for HR & Managers My new personal website: Information and help: SAMSHA