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An investigative podcast hosted by world-renowned literary critic and publishing insider Bethanne Patrick. Book bans are on the rise across America. With the rise of social media, book publishers are losing their power as the industry gatekeepers. More and more celebrities and influencers are publishing books with ghostwriters. Writing communities are splintering because members are at cross purposes about their mission. An all-new season of the investigative podcast Missing Pages premieres on October 23rd. Produced by The Podglomerate. read less

Our Editor's Take

Missing Pages is a podcast about censorship and power in literature. It examines the role of governments, publishers, and readerships in deciding which books are available to buy and read.

Bethanne Patrick hosts the podcast. She's a writer and literary critic. In many episodes, Bethanne discusses the history of banned books. In others, she interviews an author who has encountered controversy. Some episodes feature interviews with special guests. The podcast discusses a wide range of literary topics and themes. These include true crime, fanfiction, and ghostwriting.

In the first episode of Missing Pages, Bethanne tells the story of Kaavya Viswanathan. In 2006, Kaavya was a 19-year-old Harvard University student. She had a six-figure book deal with the publishing house Little, Brown. After the release of Kaavya's debut novel, she faced accusations of plagiarism. Her publisher recalled all copies of the book and canceled her publishing deal. Bethanne conducts an exclusive interview with Kaavya in the episode.

In season two, Bethanne interviews Jodi Picoult, a New York Times bestselling author. She tells Bethanne about American schools banning her books. These books include Nineteen Minutes and one of her most famous novels, My Sister's Keeper. Jodi explains that people who express a desire to have a book banned often haven't even read the book. In fact, in the US, they are not required to have done so.

Some episodes of the podcast are about fanfiction. Bethanne investigates what it means for authors of original works. In an episode on fanfiction and copyright, she asks, "Who owns what?" Bethanne also examines the Dungeons & Dragons fanfiction community on the podcast. She interviews author Ben Riggs, author of Slaying the Dragon. This is a book about the complicated history that Dungeons & Dragons has with its fans.

Missing Pages may interest literature enthusiasts and those who are curious about the topic of censorship. Fans of investigative podcasts might also enjoy it. New episodes are available weekly during each season.

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