The Certified BADA$$ Online Marketing™️ Podcast

Bobby Klinck

Are you an online entrepreneur who is looking to sell a course, membership, or other digital product? The Certified BADASS Online Marketing™️ Podcast can help. Learn from a renegade-thinking Harvard lawyer turned online entrepreneur as he shares his best tips, tricks, and frameworks to help you build a heart-centered, serve-first kind of business where you'll have raving fans knocking on your door asking to buy. In his no-nonsense way, Bobby Klinck offers the swift kick in the A$$ that you’ll sometimes need to stop thinking—and start getting things done. Find out more at https://bobbyklinck.com/podcasts

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​​In this episode, we’re talking about your traffic machine, one of the four critical elements in creating an online business. We start at the beginning of a customer journey, which covers how you catch people’s attention and get them into joining your world. There are five key elements here: your weekly content, social media posts, paid ads, guest outreach, and affiliates. You need to cultivate a strategy on how to do all of these to generate traffic to your business, which will help you succeed in the long term. What’s In This Episode What a traffic machine is all aboutThe 5 elements of a traffic machineWeekly Content - raising awareness and building trust with the audienceSocial Media Posts - engaging with the audience and promoting your contentPaid Ads - attracting people to your lead magnetsGuest Outreach - finding a way to reach out to people who’ve collected your audience and getting into their world to provide valueAffiliates - having other people promote your products and send traffic to your and they get a commission on sales Why weekly content is a critical part of a traffic machineHow weekly content bring people more naturally into your worldWhy it takes time for long-form content to get tractionThe importance of being consistent with your content publishingWhy social media is a great way to promote your contentWhat you need to consider when choosing a social platform for your businessWhy you should use paid ads, especially in building your listThe different kinds of ads you can runWhy you should focus on conversion ads at the beginning of your businessHow guest outreach works and how to do itWhy you shouldn’t ask to be a guest on someone’s platform straight away without building relationshipsHow affiliates work and why you should set it up at the late part of the gameWhat you need to think about when creating an affiliate program Resources In This Episode BADA$$ Online Marketing University™ (BOMU™)Legal TemplatesAffiliate ProgramBADA$$ Online Marketing™ MembershipPaid ads tool: Taboola or Outbrain
Feb 1 2022
25 mins