The last replatform you’ll ever do, with Emma Sleep’s Andreas Westendörpf

People Changing Enterprises

Mar 12 2023 • 19 mins

Andreas Westendörpf (CTO) brought the concept of composable commerce to Emma Sleep. But that wasn't his agenda from the outset. In this episode, he shares how to know if your organization is ready for composable; why e-Commerce organizations can be surprisingly outdated in their technology; how to challenge vendors and commercial models in parts of the enterprise technology landscape that have not yet embraced composable principles; why Emma Sleep made the jump -- and what you should be prepared for if you do the same.

1:00 Why Andreas brought the concept of composable to Emma Sleep
4:49 Why e-Commerce technology is often surprisingly outdated
5:34 How (monolithic) vendor commercial models make composable difficult
8:14 How Andreas challenged Microsoft on composable models - and won
11:24 What businesses need to know about the potential of composable technology
13:45 The last replatform you'll ever do?
15:35 Andreas's advice for businesses starting their composable journey