The Living in Clarity Podcast, w/ Lori & The Coach

By Coach Daniel Ratner and Brandon Fisher

It is so exciting to have Lori Palatnik as the new co-host of the Living in Clarity Podcast. She is a world renowned speaker, author and founding member of Momentum, the worlds largest Jewish women's movement. Lori is often found to be on many "top 50" lists. You will soon discover that there is no else like her. She is really is on a list of her own.

Coach Ratner will bring his unique concepts and intertwine them with Lois's invaluable wisdom that she has acquired from decades of teaching and writing. Coach Ratner has a knack for taking mundane concepts and turning them into ideas that can help you with life. Coach Ratner is also the author of 4 books with 2 more coming soon. "Infinite Marriage; The 4 Phases of a Loving Relationship", and "Unloved; The 12 Strategies to Cure Low Self-Esteem." Both to be released in 2024.

Lori and Coach Ratner will help you in all aspects of life. From relationships, self-esteem, personal growth, spiritual motivation, and all around living your life with complete clarity. Come on a journey with us as we help you to reach your potential in life. "Life is not about getting things, but becoming someone"

You can download for free, Lori Palatnik's book "Remember My Soul" at, or 2 of Coach Ratner's books, "The 10 Secrets to Find the Love of Your Life", or "The 10 Secrets to a Passionate Marriage" at

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Love, Ambition, & Anxiety: Interview w/ Jamie & Ilana Cowland
Jun 27 2023
Love, Ambition, & Anxiety: Interview w/ Jamie & Ilana Cowland
Embark on a captivating journey through the intricacies of love, ambition, and anxiety on The Living in Clarity Podcast. Explore the transformative power of love, the drive behind ambition, and the delicate balance between them. Uncover the fears, vulnerabilities, and exhilarating moments that arise from these intense emotions. Discover practical insights and strategies for managing anxiety and embracing a fulfilling life.In this episode, we also shine a spotlight on organizations and individuals who adventure with purpose. We delve into the inspiring work of Justifi, an organization that teaches people how to make a difference while exploring the world. We discuss Ilana Cowland's book, "The Moderately Anxious Everybody," a captivating read that provides valuable perspectives on navigating anxiety in today's world.Furthermore, we delve into the captivating world of dating as we explore the Instagram channel "Ilana and Jamie." Join us as we discuss their experiences, insights, and adventures in the realm of relationships, offering a unique perspective on modern love.Join us on The Living in Clarity Podcast as we unravel the mysteries of the heart and mind, exploring love, ambition, and anxiety. This electrifying episode will leave you inspired and equipped with tools to navigate life's intricate dance.Hashtags: #LivingInClarityPodcast #LoveAmbitionAnxiety #TransformativePower #Justifi #AdventureWithPurpose #TheModeratelyAnxiousEverybody #IlanaAndJamie