Workplace Wellness - Emma Hossack, WeTalkWellbeing

Sheep Dip with Raising the Baa

Jul 19 2023 • 32 mins

In her own words Emma Hossack is "a recovering perfectionist" having burnt out not once but twice, after each of her children were born whilst juggling a high octane pharmaceutical sales career.

Today she and her partners at WeTalkWellbeing help organisations and most importantly their people to be their most authentic, happy and resilient selves.

Not in a fluffy way however.

Emma is a strong believer in data and feels this is often the missing element in businesses managing the wellbeing of their people.

One of the tools WeTalkWellbeing offer is the WRAW (Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing) Index, a framework that provides a data-fuelled starting point and strategy for organisations.

Aspects covered in our discussion include:
- training should be 'for' not 'done to' co-workers
- boundaries are key for purpose and happiness
- fruit in the office and gym memberships are not a panacea
- the motivational shift from money to purpose, especially GenZers

As per other episodes in this series, Emma declares that one size does not fit all.  Not just within one organisation but across different industry sectors and business types too.

And two fundamentals to finish on:
- thinking is not the same as knowing - data must be used to design a company's wellbeing programme
- leaders need to ask themselves "how am I modelling wellbeing and resilience?" as it all starts with them.

Our thanks to Emma for another fascinating and thought-provoking insight into the world of Workplace Wellness, punctuated as always with comparisons to the world of sheep, shepherds and their dogs.

Enjoy - and thank ewe for listening 😊🎧

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